Cookin’ in the Hood

A wonderful collection of recipes reflecting the unique contribution of African Americans to the world's cuisine. Told from the heart, this collection of recipes is Greta Devereau'x's personal record of a people's creation of delicious, hearty, irresistible foods. It is the story of a creative people who took left over items such as feet, intestines, and the fatty parts of the animal and turned them into barbeque pig feet, chitterlings and other delicacies. To read the table of contents is to make your mouth water: Smothered Chicken, Mashawnda's Sweet County Ham, Hambone Green Beans, My Mama's Meatloaf, Mrs. Alice Country Slaw, Dumplings, Hoe Cakes, Bubbling Glazed Carrots, Girlfriend Sweet Potato Biscuits, Cajun Fried Lobster, and many, many more…

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